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Nicosia acquires another landmark
Nice Dream is situated in the heart of the capital’s Central Business District and it aspires to add to the growing number of extra-ordinary buildings that are shaping the urban fabric of the city. Nice Dream’s pure lines and restrained aesthetics are a testament to the buildings assured design. Just like all previous projects by Nice Day, Nice Dream will stand confidently for decades to come, as one of the most sought after addresses in the capital.
For the contemporary urban dweller
Nice Day adopted the mixed-use approach to urban buildings in some of its most iconic projects. The building, whether day or night, is always in use, energizing the area around it. Thus, the design responds to contemporary society’s need for buildings that operate as multi-functional cells within the urban environment.
Α “living” facade…
It is part of Nice Day’s ethos to provide buildings that minimize their impact on the environment. That is why great care was invested in the design of the outer shell of the building which protects and regulates how light reaches the glass walls and openings on all floors.
A protective shell
The metallic skin acts as a protective shield against the intense sun of the island. Made of perforated vertical aluminum panels, it opens and closes depending on the conditions one wants to create in the interior. Energy consumption for cooling and heating is thus kept remarkably low.
The 5 zones
The lobby
The entrance to the office and the residential floors has been placed on Nikokreontos Street, thus maintaining the quiet character of the road. Beautifully restrained, spacious and filled with light it welcomes residents and visitors alike.
Retail Spaces
Ground floor commercial spaces are located along Themistokli Dervi avenue and maintain a direct relationship with the urban fabric and a continuity to the commercial character of the street. The glass facade on the ground floor allows for transparency and for natural lighting.
Work in the city
Nice Dream allocates the first six floors to office space. Each floor can be configured according to the needs of the tenants. The design allows for flexibility in the layout and easy re-organization according to their changing needs. The offices have unobstructed views to the city, an advantage that adds to a pleasant working atmosphere.
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Cafe & Gym
A cafe and fitness gym, are located on the seventh floor, acting as transitional spaces between the office and the apartment floors. The elegant cafe detailed with natural materials offers a relaxing place to unwind. The gym features state-of the-art equipment in a light-filled space that makes exercise a joy.
Live in the city
A close look of the apartments shows the thoughtful attention given to every aspect of their design. Emphasis is placed on the creation of flexible spaces that allow the occupants to shape them according to their individual lifestyles. Uncommon among residential high-rises, all apartments have floor-to-ceiling openings which allow the interiors to be suffused with natural light and to connect to the outside. Each apartment has large outdoor covered spaces for all-year-round use.
Nice Dream is capped by two spectacular floor-through apartments on the top floors. Perched high above the hustle and bustle of the city below, the occupants are privileged to live in an urban retreat without leaving the city. They offer unforgettable 360º views of the city below that extend all the way to the two mountain ranges that frame Nicosia. The penthouse has access to a roof garden with a lap pool.
The Nicosia masterplan intents to turn the capital’s city center into an international hub for living and working. Through the masterplan, museums, art galleries, parks, ancient monuments, markets and other places of interest are brought together to offer all the services and amenities that make the most interesting cities of the world desirable destinations…. And Nice Dream is located at the heart of it all.
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